High quality washing

Cyclodri is a hydro-cyclone based washing system that provides best in class experience to customers looking for modular washing solutions with a compact installation to suit the diverse end user needs. The cyclodri is designed with the customer’s need for safety, total cost of ownership and desired sand specifications/mineral grades by

· Reducing the loss of useable/saleable fines to the settling ponds
· Providing best-in-class moisture in final product


Best-in-Class dewatering

TheDeAquaDek dewatering screens are designed with dewatering panels on the sidewalls to increase the screening area by 20%. Optimum bed depth is provided to achieve the best compaction of sand on the de-watering screen deck. Optional water jet nozzles can be provided on the screen to ensure maximum washing resulting in clean sand

Finer cutpoints

Cyclass Hydrocyclones classification type cyclones that are designed to provide finer cut points. The hydro-cyclone is designed with an involute inlet for smooth slurry entry which enables better classification and sizing of micro fines (0 to 150µm). The cyclone is equipped with smooth PU lining for abrasion-resistance and moisture rejection. Cyclass cyclones are designed to classify 99% of the desired cut point

Heavy Duty
Slurry pumps

ADET uses mining duty slurry pumps for pumping the sand slurry into the cyclone. The casing of the pumps is rubber lined and special expelling vane impellers with non-contact type mechanical seals are used for efficient and longer pump life, consequently reducing down time & operating cost


Ease of maintenance is ensured by providing handling aids like chain pulley for lifting etc., by giving sufficient access walkways, ladders and anti-slip footings

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