No stone unturned

Trommel screens are highly versatile and simple machines that can be used to classify materials. Rotosift Trommel screens are designed for excellent separation efficiency and consistent performance. The rotating drum roll the coarser materials to allow all fine particles to pass through the screen apertures. Rotosift trommels can be set up as an independent system to classify materials or to complement crushing systems by acting as an efficient scalper.


Handling sticky/
difficult materials

ADET Trommels can be used to screen sticky and dirty materials (like Nickel ore, Lithium ore, gold ore and municipal solid waste). The cleanliness of the aperture is ensured by using drum cleaners or spray bars. These drum cleaners/spray bars ensure that there is no pegging in the screen openings to ensure good screening efficiency

Versatile screening

•    Aggregates for Primary Screening, Rip-Rap,
     Overburden,River Gravel
•    Sticky Materials or Weathered Rock
•    Minerals
•    Construction and Demolition Waste
•    Recycling of Municipal Solid Waste 

Large Feed acceptance

Trommels can accept large feed material when used in coarse screening applications

Rugged Drive

Rotosift Trommels are driven by slewing ring with geared motor system which is highly rugged in tough environments and ensures easy maintenance

Single day poRtable installation

Portable trommels are designed with pivotable vertical extension jacks to raise and lower the trommel system on/off trailers providing quick loading and unloading for transportation. The vertical extension jacks can swivel about the pivot during transportation for ground clearance

Mobile Option

The Mobile Trommels are track mounted and are commonly preferred by users who need the highest level of mobility. Onboard conveyors are provided in order for them to operate independently. On-board diesel power is provided for operation and short distance tracking

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