Crush like a Juggernaut

Juggernaut Jaw Crushers are the best choice for the Crushing the hardest of materials. They are designed with reliability and serviceability as the central theme. Juggernaut Jaw Crushers are the best choice for crushing in primary stages for the hardest materials in quarries and mines. It is configurable for recycling applications like C&D (Construction & demolition waste) or slag crushing etc.


High Crushing

The nip angle and crushing stroke on Juggernaut jaw crushers are optimized to deliver excellent crushing action. An optimized nip angle will ensure the jaw plates grip the material and transmit the force effectively and the crushing stroke is designed to have maximum transmission of force in the crusher cavity

Gape is the
Feed opening

Juggernaut jaws aredefined based on the Gape which is the distance between the two liners

Identical Fixed
& Swing
jaw plates

Juggernaut jaw crushers are designed with identical jaw plates on the fixed and swing jaws. The plates are reversible to utilize the maximum wear potential. This provides excellent value by reducing inventory and production costs

Motor & Auto
Belt Tensioning

Motor base is mounted on the back wall of the jaw crusher. The motor base is provided with a spring mechanism which keeps the motor tensioned automatically. This improves the life of the belts and right tensioning improves safety

Wedge Setting Adjustment

Juggernaut jaw crushers have a wedge adjustment system for adjustment of the gap setting. The wedge system is driven by a screw and nut mechanism which is very simple to use and maintenance friendly. The system is grease lubricated. Options are available for hydraulically adjusted system

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